Upgrading from RNI 3.3 to 4.1

For Customers upgrading from the 3.3 release of the RNI to RNI 4.1, or are considering doing so in the near future, the following information is provided.

  RNI 4.1 Upgrade Education Brochure


1. Where to Start – The 4.1 Introductory Series

The Introductory Series familiarizes the student with the basics of the FlexNet communication network, and its components and applications. While upgrading customers may already be familiar with the information covered in the FlexNet and RNI overview modules, focus should instead be on the Device Manager and Roles and Responsibilities modules. Experiencing the Roles and Responsibilities module provides an understanding of the organization of Sensus’ core role-based education.

  FlexNet® Introductory Series

  Introduction to the Sensus FlexNet Communication Network

  Introduction to FlexNet Roles and Responsibilities

  Introduction to the Regional Network Interface (RNI) Overview

  Introduction to the Sensus Launch Pad Applications

  Introduction to Electric Device Manager

  Introduction to Gas Device Manager

  Introduction to Water Device Manager

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  Introduction to Sensus Logic MDM

  Sensus® ANALYTICS™ Overview

2. Delta Modules

For customers upgrading from a 3.3 version, the current Delta modules provide a general understanding of the differences, and summarize the changes and features between RNI releases. Delta content includes descriptions of new features, application changes, and any relevant procedures for performing new tasks associated with the release. In addition, Job Aids within the 4.1 release are also available to assist in transitioning tasks from the legacy interface and MDMIF commands to RNI 4.1.

Delta 3.3 to 4.1

      Delta 4.1 Job Aid

back  Identifying MDMIF Commands in Device Manager

  Updates common to all service types

  Updates common to electric service types

  Updates common to gas service types

  Updates common to water service types

3. System Administrator & Operator Role-Based eLearning

And finally, upgrading customers may look at easily accessible eLearning modules that serve as the foundation for Sensus’ customer role-based training. In the Sensus core training, person(s) responsible for monitoring and maintaining their Utility’s FlexNet are shown what specific tasks should be performed regularly, and what application functionally helps them achieve these tasks. Sensus refers to these persons as FlexNet Administrators and Operators. Therefore, by reviewing the tasks associated with these roles of monitoring and maintaining a FlexNet solution, experienced customers can see even more of the changes found in RNI 4.1.

Note: You do not have to sign in to My Sensus Connection portal to view the Core education eLearning modules.