Sensus Analytics

The Sensus Analytics (SA) page contains user-friendly eLearning solutions and helpful demonstrations of application functionality. Following the completion of all tutorials and demos, customers should be able to utilize all the capabilities of the SA solution.

Also, Utilities are encouraged to regularly access the tutorials below as the Analytics solution improves and modifies currently on a bi-monthly schedule.

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    • How to activate user

    • How to deactivate user

    • How to edit user

    • How to create a user

    • How to reset the user password

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    •   Tutorial

      Reviewing Accounts History

        Accounts history

        Accounts tab filters

        Accounts tab email settings

        Accounts tab send actions

        Date range

      Creating single and bulk Actions

      Creating reports

        Importing a file

        Importing device id list

      Filtering the database

        Exporting filter results

      Reviewing Action History

        Understand the action summary

        Search for a device

        Canceling a pending action

        Shut Off Day

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