FieldLogic 7.x

FieldLogic™ is a software solution consisting of two equally important parts:  FieldLogic Hub, which is an administration application for simplifying the programming of various meter parameters for use on a handheld device, and FieldLogic Tools, an application that resides on a handheld device and simplifies the activation and maintenance of meters in the field.  FieldLogic Hardware consists of the installation and configuration of field devices used by FieldLogic Tools.

The FieldLogic education modules are accessible by selecting the corresponding play button and logging in to the My Sensus customer portal.


FieldLogic Hub

   How to Install Field Logic Hub

   How to Upload Configuration Files to the Cloud


FieldLogic Tools

  How to Install FieldLogic Tools using a Cloud Configuration

  How to Install FieldLogic Tools on an Android Device

  How to Install FieldLogic Tools on a Windows 10 Device

  How to Install FieldLogic Tools on an iOS Device

  How to Register a Field Device in FieldLogic Hub

  How to Configure a CommandLink