FieldLogic 6.11

FieldLogicTM is software solution consisting of two equally important parts:  FieldLogic Hub, which is an administration application for simplifying the programming of various meter parameters for use on a handheld device, and FieldLogic Tools, an application that resides on a handheld device and simplifies the activation and maintenance of meters in the field.  The FieldLogic eLearning page consists of Tutorials and Demonstrations by clicking on icons below.


  Introduction to FieldLogic

FieldLogic Hub


      How to Initialize FieldLogic Hub

    How to Create a New Device Configuration

      How to Configure the Application Behavior Tab

      How to Configure the Firmware Tab

      How to Create a New Product Configuration

      How to Create a New Field Installation


FieldLogic Hardware


      How to Initialize FieldLogic Tools

      How to Add a Communication Device

      How to Configure a Field Device

FieldLogic Tools


      How to Install a SmartPoint

      How to Upgrade a SmartPoint

      How to Troubleshoot a SmartPoint

      How to Perform Advanced Features

      How to Remove a SmartPoint